New Fics

Our authors have recently uploaded several new Mirandy stories to our Fan Fiction archive.  You don’t want to miss them!

  • J/7 Lessons by cmhepple
    Kathryn Janeway find out that she can’t always be the Captain or the mentor.
  • Mirandy — A Day At The Beach by Quietheart
    Sunbathing soon leads to revelations and realizations.
  • MirandyA Blessing by XV
    Miranda recieves a pleasant and life changing gift three years after Paris.
  • MirandyShe Gives Good Aural by XV
    Andy and Nigel are both enthralled by the timbre of a persons voice. Cue accidental diclosures at the office.
  • MirandyWhat’s in a Name by XV
    An established relationship between Miranda and Andy finds them both the worse for wear after a night on the town. They wake to discover they’ve both indulged in something they certainly wouldn’t have done when sober.

When you’ve finished reading, you can discuss the J/7 piece here and the Mirandy stories here!

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2011 International Day of Femslash

Don’t forget, July 16 is the International Day of Femslash!

We have a Mirandy challenge underway in honor of Femslash Day. Details here.

For information on this celebration, you can go to the official Femslash Day website or step into the forum here.

If there’s something you’d like to share with the forum in honor of Femslash Day, reply on this thread to let us know.  We’ll be happy to support your efforts!